Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adoption Message of Hope

This will be short as I actually have house chores tonight, now that everyone's in bed.

I just wanted to send a blast to all my unknown friends out there -- all those adoptive parents in waiting.
A few people have asked me lately, "Oh! You adopted your kids!  So, how is that process, 'cause I've heard a few things?"  My response, "Yes, its awful.  Its stressful, and exhausting, and unfair, ....  BUT I now have two wonderful children."

I would throw myself in front of a bus for my two beautiful children.  I would walk on hot coals for my kids.  So, yes, I would even go through the adoption process all over again for them.  Every intrusive question, every monthly inspection, every form, every long day of waiting.  Every sleepless night wondering if the adoption would ever finalize.  Every fear.  Every terrible nightmare.  Every tear and every prayer.  Every strain it has put on my body, on my family relationships, and on my marriage.

Yes, I would do it again -- for one day like today.  A swim lesson, a little friend's birthday party, two kids tracing their mother's outline with sidewalk chalk, a movie at home, one kid falling asleep in the highchair and another snuggling close.

Keep hoping, because eventually the judge will say "it is as if they had been born to you".